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Kentucky Maid Irons are manufactured to specific, professional specifications in order to retain constant and even heat. Made of the highest quality materials and finest workmanship, Kentucky Maid Irons come with a lifetime guarantee.

1. Wash hair with shampoo and rinse. Towel dry your hair.
2. Add a small amount of pressing oil or cream to your hair. 
3. Dry hair completely with a blow dryer.
4. Heat up the iron.
5. Test the iron on a white towel or tissue. The iron should not scorch the towel/tissue; if it does, the iron is too hot. Allow the iron to cool off a little bit. 
6. Style as desired.
7. Protect the scalp from the hot iron by putting a comb on the scalp underneath the iron.

1. Do not touch your skin or scalp with the iron. Burns will result.
2. Do not use flammable hair products with this iron.
3. Clean the iron before and after using.