Amour Hair Collection Unolon Acra Braid - 2 Tone Color


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100% Kanekalon Fiber Amour Super Jumbo Braid for twists, locs and more. Made with Kanekalon Heat Resistant Fiber. The preferred brand used by most braiders.

  • 48" Long
  • Heat Resistant
  • Can be curled with hot water
  • Can be used to create twists, locks, and other popular styles

How to Style Kanekalon Hair:

  • Curl with hot water following the steps below
  • You can uncurl Kanekalon hair simply by dipping it back into hot water


  • STEP 1 - Wrap braiding hair tightly around a rod of your choice (start off by doing 4-5 rods at a time, then increase as you feel more comfortable doing this method)
  • STEP 2 - Place the rods in hot water (optimal temperature: 175F-185F)
  • STEP 3 - Keep the rods immersed in hot water for 15 seconds
  • STEP 4  - Remove the rods from the water and let them air dry for at least five minutes, then remove the hair from the rods
  • STEP 5  - The hair is ready to be crocheted!