How’d we get hair … Gabby Beauty Story #1


Gabby Beauty is an African American OWNED AND OPERATED beauty one stop shop. We cater to those who love to take care of their tresses, nails, brows, feet, etc. We have a love for the vast beauty of the African American beauty shopper. Hair and style are a form of self-expression and we are here for it! I (Nicole Daniel) had a need to change my business portfolio direction and I loved hair. I loved changing hair styles. Every time I walked into a store I never saw a black person behind the counter. Or I could never ask questions about products and get an answer.  So, I said I want to branch into the African American beauty store business . It is a 12-billion-dollar business. My sister (Kelsey Michel) has a love for everything beauty she loves a wigs, weaves, nails, braids, lashes, etc. She loves make-up  really loves make-up and selfies . She also had a strong desire to own her own. Together we formed Gabby Beauty  (named after my niece Gabrielle … laying the foundation for the future). We signed up for a beauty supply store seminar and in February 2017 went into business for ourselves. So, hair became our new mantra and love. As we venture into this new business love we are learning and growing. We have plans to grow our brand. I hope you continue to support us in our journey in